Things that have been happening so far

Greetings all! So it’s been about a month just over a month since I’ve written on here.  My current work schedule does not leave much down time for me to write, but that should be changing soon.  Why?  Because Mainbody is just around the corner.  Actually, it should have started yesterday last week but thereContinue reading “Things that have been happening so far”

Greetings, from New Zealand

Hello friends! It is Tuesday morning around 03:39am when I’m starting this post.  I’m sitting in my super nice hotel room at the Crowne Plaza in Christchurch, NZ.  I hope that where ever you are reading this from finds you all happy and in good health. The journey so far… I spent two lovely weeksContinue reading “Greetings, from New Zealand”

The not-so-good things about paradise

Okay I did a flip side of this post prior to writing it so please don’t read this first and automatically think I’m miserable.  I’m not.  I’m just now writing things that I don’t like or that I’ve missed by moving here. Mosquito season.  Oh wait.  It’s always mosquito season. It is always hot.  ALWAYS.Continue reading “The not-so-good things about paradise”

9 months down – Things I like

I’m shy of being 9 months into a two year contract dispatching in the Caymans and am feeling much more comfortable here. Has it been an easy nine months?  No.  I’ve had a fair amount of homesickness and frustration, but I’m mentally in a much better place these days.  June has been a good monthContinue reading “9 months down – Things I like”