Sigh… One day…

I will be able to post a blog.  I’ve been training people and therefore my intentions of actually posting a blog have been put off due to that pesky thing called work.

I’m still doing great!  My 30th birthday here was amazing.  And I guess I’ll have to blog on my computer, throw it on a thumb drive and then hope for a chance to get on-line and post one early Wednesday morning.

*Tap* *tap* *tap* is this thing on?

Greetings from McMurdo!

We’ve been having some lovely weather, generally around 32 degrees these days, which makes it warm enough for flip-flops and short sleeves.  You look at me like I’m kidding! 

I just wanted to post a few words saying how much I’m still loving it here and things have been great.  Tomorrow, providing I don’t have any trainees, I will post a long lengthy blog regarding things that have occurred within the last month.

We’re in the time of year for parties, shindigs, soirees and festivities of all sorts so I’ll write a bit about those.  I will also upload photos of a regular day in the life of Tori at McM.

Love to you all –