December – Part Three – Why, hello 32! Birthday Part One

December 16, 2013. Ah, my birthday. The day I finally hiked Ob Hill. The only day of the week that I was able to walk normally due to incredibly sore legs after said hike. I started out my birthday at the fire house. At two minutes after midnight, I received what I would consider myContinue reading “December – Part Three – Why, hello 32! Birthday Part One”

A December Condiment – aka catch up time

December 2013 – Part one So much has happened in the past two months. I am having to remind myself of things that have happened via photos. The end of the year started out much like the beginning of 2013. So many things happened, and quickly. Dec. 04, 2013 With the weather becoming warmer atContinue reading “A December Condiment – aka catch up time”