The not-so-good things about paradise

Okay I did a flip side of this post prior to writing it so please don’t read this first and automatically think I’m miserable.  I’m not.  I’m just now writing things that I don’t like or that I’ve missed by moving here. Mosquito season.  Oh wait.  It’s always mosquito season. It is always hot.  ALWAYS.Continue reading “The not-so-good things about paradise”

9 months down – Things I like

I’m shy of being 9 months into a two year contract dispatching in the Caymans and am feeling much more comfortable here. Has it been an easy nine months?  No.  I’ve had a fair amount of homesickness and frustration, but I’m mentally in a much better place these days.  June has been a good monthContinue reading “9 months down – Things I like”