Stressful week leads to shenanigans

This past week has been a bit stressful around the firehouse. Six weeks into the actual winter season and we’ve had a medevac. Hopefully our only one this winter. For the fire department, medevacs mean that we have to have our ARFF vehicles taken back out to the airfield, and since they were “winterized” itContinue reading “Stressful week leads to shenanigans”

Zombie Apocalypse – What’s happenin’ on the ice this week

No zombies, yet.  I have a sneaky suspicion that before long we’ll see a few of the suckers.  Not real ones, of course.  McMurdo would be a poor place for real zombies to be.  Not because we’re lacking in richness of brain matter, but because they’d run out pretty quickly.  Then what are they goingContinue reading “Zombie Apocalypse – What’s happenin’ on the ice this week”

Dear Tori – Q&A time!

Dear Tori, Why haven’t you been blogging lately?  It’s disappointing. Anonymous Dear Anonymous, Well.  Frankly… I haven’t felt like it.  The past few weeks I’ve been averaging about three hours of sleep a night.  The exhaustion I’ve been feeling has worn me down physically and emotionally.  I also went through a pretty rough patch ofContinue reading “Dear Tori – Q&A time!”