October recap

And hello, dear readers!IMG_3264

An October sunrise, one of the last of the season.

I apologize for the massive delay in blogging, but, life happens.

So let me tell you what has been happening on the ice since our last update.

Mainbody got off to a late start, just shy of three weeks.  What does this mean?  This means EVERYTHING was pushed back by about three weeks.  Science-y things, deployments, redeployments, life in general.  However!  When that beautiful grey bird touched down and brought in fresh people, it was a gorgeous sight.  So I’ve heard.  I was actually at work that day so I didn’t get to SEE it but the morale improved tremendously.

We got in our two new dispatchers and they’re doing great.  Both of them are kicking my tail in calls*.  With the start of mainbody, Tarley and I both moved to night shift once Lobster and Sticker got trained and released.  Even though the evil day star is up 24/7, night shift is a different beast around here.  The night shift community is a lot smaller and a more close knit group.  I vastly prefer it to the hustle and bustle of day shift.

*By calls, what I mean is calls that have required dispatching.  We keep a running tally of calls dispatched, spill team response calls and EOC activations.  As of writing this, I am trailing behind with a whopping 5.5 calls dispatched and 6 spill reports.  I’m happy to say that I haven’t had any EOC activations (and I plan on keeping it that way).

The arrival of new people meant getting used to having crowds around.  Over the past month and a half, I think our population has been averaging between 850-900 people in McMurdo.  People now seem to be in the swing of things and a lot of them have their routines pretty set.

Wrapping up October was, as usual, the Halloween Party.  I didn’t get to attend, but I did see some interestingly costumed people.  The majority of folks seemed to be donning the increasingly popular onesie pajama as a costume.  Honestly, it was somewhat disappointing to see that trend here instead of the amazing outfits that I’ve seen in the past.

Next up – November!


Published by Victoria

Hello! I'm a so-so photographer, okay writer, former 911 telecommunicator and world's best Aunt. Closing in on 40, I find myself at a point in my life where I have no idea what I want to do next. I'm currently spending summer 2021 in Texas with my boyfriend, Robert and helping him start building a plane before he goes back to Antarctica in August.

2 thoughts on “October recap

  1. OMG… Tori, You must think I forgot all about you. So you know how I’m not really computer savvy.. I just realized why I am not getting your emails. They were being dumped into a social folder. Apparently gmail breaks the emails up into 3 different folders and I just thought because I don’t hardly read my emails, (I only checks the inbox) stuff was not being sent anymore. It was just last week I tried refreshing the 1st blog I got and nothing happened so I figured you have been too busy to blog.

    How have you been? How have the cold been treating you?

    Everything is still the same down here. Semi-poor management, lazy police officers and pain still killing me. Good news though, I have started the cannabis oil. I’ll let you know if it works for me.

    On the 18 Feb I reached my 28th year anniversary with Govt. Have started to put in place plans to lower my mortgage so I can retire in the 5 yrs that I have left to fulfill Govt required time 331/3 yrs.. woohoo.💃💃

    I’m tired, my body is tired.. presently standing at work typing this email. Jason doing a recording and Candi not long left to go home. I swap with her so she doing 2 -2am. I have class tomorrow so doing the 2-2 wouldn’t work for me.

    I don’t know if you and Candi talks, but she is having a hard time with with one of her new roommate paying on time. Both of her roommates (a young girl and a big woman) were recommended by Chelsea and they friends with both Chelsea and Naddine. So the big woman have since brought her adult son who now lives there and don’t contribute to anything. Every month Candi have to borrow money to pay the rent and wait for the big woman to pay her when she feels like. She even went as far as to ask Candi to go to the landlord and explain that rent will be late👿. Both me and Jason have tried to give her some advice on how to address the situation cause you know she soft hearted. Personally I told her to evict her, cause I would have long time.. lol If you do talk with her don’t mention I told you, but try squeeze it out of her. You good at interrogations😊.

    Well don’t want to overload you. I now know where to look for you emails. I have found 3 so far.. still have over 1700+ emails to get through so I will probably find more before the night is done.

    Please take care of yourself. Til we talk again.


    On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 8:28 AM Victoria In Victorialand wrote:

    > victoriainvictorialand posted: “And hello, dear readers! I apologize for > the massive delay in blogging, but, life happens. So let me tell you what > has been happening on the ice since our last update. Mainbody got off to a > late start, just shy of three weeks. What does this mean? Th” >

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