Been there, done that..

But YOU haven’t! Most of my readers (and you all are lovely readers at that…) haven’t been to Antarctica…  If there are any particular questions that you want answered (and I will answer them publicly in a post so you’ve been warned)…  Email me at The people who send me questions that I chooseContinue reading “Been there, done that..”

Let’s have bizarre celebrations!

A snazzy gift is in store for you if you can name the song that line is from.  It has a lot to do with this post.  This post will hopefully transport you here for a  wonderful, joyous celebration – my boss’s wedding! February 19, 2013 This past Saturday, February 16, 2013, I attended aContinue reading “Let’s have bizarre celebrations!”

I like big boats and I cannot lie…

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013. The past couple of days have been comprised of getting back into the swing of things, unpacking and getting my room set up as much as possible.  The dorm I’m living in, BL209, is one of the “upper case” dorms.  Basically, now that the icebreaker is in the area, I nowContinue reading “I like big boats and I cannot lie…”

Getting back in the swing of things

Greetings! So it’s now Friday, February 9th at approximately 01:30 hours.  I arrived back on the ice on Monday, February 4th. The trip down was fairly uneventful, minus being flagged and questioned when I entered New Zealand, as well as flying in an LC-130 from Christchurch to McMurdo.  8 hour flight in a plane that,Continue reading “Getting back in the swing of things”

She’s doing it again… But this time, it’s only for Winter

Of course, there are those that doubt I am only staying for the winter season.  I’m wondering if there is a pool of people wagering whether or not I’ll stay the summer season as well. So here I am, at my parents house, all packed up and ready to go eat breakfast.  I am alsoContinue reading “She’s doing it again… But this time, it’s only for Winter”