Being prepared for the worst

Antarctica is a harsh continent.  The winter residents here at McMurdo prepare for the worst several times during the year by performing Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) drills.  Because we are isolated and cannot depend on any outside assistance, we are all interdependent upon each other for survival.  At the beginning of the winter season, weContinue reading “Being prepared for the worst”

You can keep yer angel poop! (Q&A)

And other styrofoam items! No, really.  Packing peanuts are banned from Antarctica.  Sure, we get family members sending us things (no, not me personally, but I’ve recently run across a bag of packing peanuts in Skua central from a well meaning family members), and we get frowned upon for receiving items with this.  Why? Fact:Continue reading “You can keep yer angel poop! (Q&A)”