Prehike: Millinocket

Hey friends,

I’m currently in Millinocket, ME at the AT Lodge. I arrived in Bangor yesterday afternoon and was greeted at the airport by my wonderful friend Sherian. She and I worked together for a few months in Cayman. She is a wonderful human who brought me the most amazing and unique doughnuts from her bakery The Only Doughnut located in Belfast Maine. If you are ever in the area, I HIGHLY recommend giving them a visit. And wear your fat pants.

After several laughs and some interesting people watching at the bus stop, I hopped on the Cyr bus to Medway. While boarding, I said hello to a guy with a hiking pack and inquired if he would be going on the trail. He said that he was and so I introduced myself. Terry is a nice guy with a wife and two grown daughters. He is doing some vlogging for the website The Trek as a SOBO correspondent.

We were picked up at the bus stop in Medway by Trash Panda (real name Koty) and headed to the Lodge. After a quick tour of the facilities, Terry and I popped over to a local restaurant for some grub. The service was slow but that’s how the world seems to be in 2021. The food was good though and the waitress was nice.

We returned to the lodge and settled into our bunks. Side note, I was delighted that the bunks weren’t bunk beds. There are 5 beds in our sleeping area, then a bathroom, then another small room with two beds. We are in a converted attic area.

Shortly after getting into bed, I heard some folks walking up the stairs quietly and I knew the rest of the patrons had arrived. Overall they were quiet and I got a solid 8 hours of sleep. I woke up to the sound of the floors creaking (again, old attic) when 5 people on our floor got up at 530 to leave for the day.

A bit later, I got out of bed and wandered over to the Appalachian Trail cafe for breakfast as it was included in the SOBO special deal. It was a tasty meal of tater tots and eggs.

I then walked over to the park and filmed a few clips to put on YouTube to share some video of this adventure with you all, you lucky devils.

We have a gear shakedown in a few minutes. I will find out if I’m pretty well outfitted in that time. And if I’m not, I guess I’ll order some stuff to ship to Monson to retrieve after the 100 mile wilderness.

Happy trails!

Get to The Only Doughnut
My bed with the bag on it
The AT Lodge

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