Ob Hill Loop

There are several trails around McMurdo for recreation, exploration and exercise.  My favorite of these so far is the Ob Hill Loop.  It is 2.7 miles of rocky terrain with some steep portions and a gorgeous view of the area.  I first did the loop back in mid December, right after my 30th birthday.  And here are pictures!

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Land of snow and ice to the land of dust

So many things have been changing around here lately.

All of the areas that were once covered in snow and ice are now rocky and dusty.  It truly feels like a desert here now.  Minus the heat part.  Well I take that back, we had about 2 weeks of weather where the temps were above 32 degrees.  Today, however, it got back down to 5 degrees.

I’ve missed the cold.

So, like I said, so many things have changed.  So many things have happened.

First let me explain the limited time that I have to post things.

When our population went through a major increase, it became difficult for me to get on-line and blog.  I’m also going through the process to PQ to winter-over so this means I’m not working night shift.  Due to the fact that I’ve been helping train firefighters in dispatch and the fact that my boss is at the station during the day time hours, I don’t blog when I’m on shift.

There are also times when I get writers block and don’t know what to write about.  Not every day is a new exciting adventure and I don’t want to write things like:

“Woke up today, brushed my teeth, went to breakfast, went to work, went to lunch, went back to work, went to dinner, went back to work, went home, went to bed.  Woke up the next day, rinse – lather – repeat.”

No one wants to read that.  I want to tell you all of the exciting things that are happening here.  So I’m now going to hopefully knock out several posts tonight.  No guarantees since it is about 3am and I am basically awake due to insomnia and other things just running through my head.


Read on.  More blogs coming in the next few hours. (I promise Daddy)


Love to all – Tori

Eegads! Senorita Procrastination has been procrastinating…

Hello!  I’m alive!

Quick run-down of what has gone on since my last major post and HOPEFULLY I’ll get a chance to post more later.

I’ve seen countless numbers of seals

I’ve seen 42 penguins (yes I counted each individual one)

I’ve experienced 3 major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)

I’ve turned 30

I’ve started the process to PQ for the winter season (yes this means 8 more months on ice, yes I’m excited, no I’m not crazy)

I’ve gotten almost an entire shift of firefighters to karaoke with me

I’ve walked outside in shorts, flip-flops and a tshirt.  In Antarctica.  🙂

I have been a shoulder to lean on for some people going through tough times

I’m 4 pounds away from losing 50 pounds since coming down here

I’ve worked on some writing projects… therefore putting my blog on the back burner…

I’ve trained a lot of firefighters to work in dispatch

I’ve been incredibly happy and I’ve just been enjoying each day


So, more later – Hasta!