Land of snow and ice to the land of dust

So many things have been changing around here lately. All of the areas that were once covered in snow and ice are now rocky and dusty.  It truly feels like a desert here now.  Minus the heat part.  Well I take that back, we had about 2 weeks of weather where the temps were aboveContinue reading “Land of snow and ice to the land of dust”

Eegads! Senorita Procrastination has been procrastinating…

Hello!  I’m alive! Quick run-down of what has gone on since my last major post and HOPEFULLY I’ll get a chance to post more later. I’ve seen countless numbers of seals I’ve seen 42 penguins (yes I counted each individual one) I’ve experienced 3 major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) I’ve turned 30 I’ve startedContinue reading “Eegads! Senorita Procrastination has been procrastinating…”