Observation Tube and I can walk on water (if it’s frozen)

Yes, I’ve been horrible at posting updates on here, so your treat is multiple posts in one day!

I’m pretty sure I mentioned the Ob Tube before, however, in case I haven’t, it is basically a long tube that goes below the ice and into the water (there’s a glass casing at the bottom for unparalleled views of what happens “Under the Sea”here at McMurdo).  I, however, will not be going into the tube.  I walked down to the tube (because we believe in the buddy system here on the ice) with Pam, and upon arriving at said contraption, I decided that the round tertiary creature that I am does not need to go into a TUBE under the ICE and into the WATER.  I’m not chicken, I just don’t want someone to have to call my job and tell them that I’m stuck either getting into the tube or coming out of the tube.  I’m sure there are cranes around here but I don’t need to be known as the girl that got stuck in the Ob Tube.

Since I accompanied Pam out onto the Ice, I decided that I could hang out for a bit and take some pictures, again in black and white (oh, ok, a few color ones too).  I also had her take a picture of me in one of my snazzy hats that my Grandma sent me.

Since I didn’t go down into the tube, I’m including pictures that other people have taken while in the tube.  The ones that are not taken of the happenings beneath the ice are, again, not works by me, but I want you all to enjoy seeing what I’ve heard so much about.

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Hello! I'm a so-so photographer, okay writer, former 911 telecommunicator and world's best Aunt. Closing in on 40, I find myself at a point in my life where I have no idea what I want to do next. I'm currently spending summer 2021 in Texas with my boyfriend, Robert and helping him start building a plane before he goes back to Antarctica in August.

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