Hallo-weird / Not kid friendly – possibly not work safe


The biggest party that I’ve yet attended here on the Ice.

Halloweird is a better description of it.  I loved it though.  I didn’t dress up.  Well actually I tried to but my vampire bite marks weren’t sticking very well.  I ended up wearing a black shirt and saying I was paparazzi.  I’m attaching a slide show – there are some interesting costumes so if you have young impressionable children, use your discretion.  Also, you may not want to watch this at work.  Some of the costumes, though fun, might not be appropriate for your place of business.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a note of awesomeness – the guy dressed as Oscar the Grouch won Best Overall Costume.  He’s one of my firefighters.  We rock.

Published by Victoria

After 29 years of living in hot and humid south east Georgia, I decided to embark on a new adventure that led me to Antarctica. After 27 months of working on the Ice (not consistently, I had a four month break in between) I returned home and back to my old 911 center. After a year of restlessness, I embarked on another new adventure. I now live, work and play in the Cayman Islands as a 911 dispatcher. Fast forward three years! I'm headed back down to the ice!

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