Hallo-weird / Not kid friendly – possibly not work safe

Halloween. The biggest party that I’ve yet attended here on the Ice. Halloweird is a better description of it.  I loved it though.  I didn’t dress up.  Well actually I tried to but my vampire bite marks weren’t sticking very well.  I ended up wearing a black shirt and saying I was paparazzi.  I’m attachingContinue reading “Hallo-weird / Not kid friendly – possibly not work safe”

Observation Tube and I can walk on water (if it’s frozen)

Yes, I’ve been horrible at posting updates on here, so your treat is multiple posts in one day! I’m pretty sure I mentioned the Ob Tube before, however, in case I haven’t, it is basically a long tube that goes below the ice and into the water (there’s a glass casing at the bottom forContinue reading “Observation Tube and I can walk on water (if it’s frozen)”

The land of ice in black and white

Technically, it’s November 1st, 2011 here on the ice. I have survived the first major holiday in Antarctica.  More about Halloweird in a post to come.  This post is going to be about the beauty of Antarctica.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  There is no place on earth like theContinue reading “The land of ice in black and white”