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Wow.  I haven’t read this in a while.  So about all that Antarctica stuff written below, you can disregard that.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirts to prove it.  Now I am living, working and playing at my current contract job site in the Cayman Islands.

About this site:  I’m going to Antarctica and, well, how many people do you know that have been to Antarctica?  Probably not many.  Unless you have worked in Antarctica.  I’ve had the fortunate experience of already meeting someone that has been to Antarctica but that was back in the day before blogs were popular.  So, I’m using this site as a way to A) Keep my family informed of what I’m doing and that I’m ok.  B)  Keep my friends informed of what I’m doing and that I’m ok.  C) Provide information about working in Antarctica to people who have no idea what they’re getting into. D) Inform and possibly entertain people that I’ve never met with tales of my experiences in a place that was described to me as “a cross between the ice planet Hoth and Mordor”.  If you aren’t familiar with either one of those places, go watch Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.  Please.  No, really, go now.

All postings are my own personal opinions and viewpoints on things.  They in no way, shape or form are the views of Raytheon, the NSF or the USAP.

11 thoughts on “About Victoriainvictorialand

  1. Hi, Tori:
    What an amazing opportunity. I am so envious. I hope you have a grand time, and make many memories. I know it will be a wonderful experience for you. I love the blog, and look forward to following your many adventures there. Stay as warm as you can and HAVE FUN!!!
    Love, Zelda.

  2. Hi Ompa I know you love it it is very white. Kinda like Kansas after it snows a bunch! I love the pictures I miss you soooo much
    I wuv you
    Laurel 🙂

  3. Hey ompa today in my sandwich it said it was chicken but it tasted like nothing i have ever tasted!!! It was sooo wierd.I ate it but it wasn’t white either it was grayish… :/ It is yummmy

  4. Being a 911 dispatcher in a seriously hot climate has me fascinated with what it must be like working at the other end of the spectrum! At least we don’t have to shovel or plow heat…we get pretty sick of it after six months worth though, we wish we could find a snowbank to plunge into!

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