Cost of living – Groceries and Gas

I’ve done an amazing job of not going out to eat constantly since moving here.  The last shift I was on also had an awesome idea for “Salad Night” when we worked our two night shifts.  Now, granted I pretty much have at least one salad per day, it was kind of awesome having salad with the whole gang.  I bought the items, prepped everything, and brought it in.  We split the cost between the 5 of us and it generally ended up being $10 CI per person for two nights worth of salad.  The salads I would make normally consisted of:

Romaine Lettuce

Tomato Slices




Bell Pepper (multiple colors)

Blueberries or Strawberries



Ham/Turkey slices

Boiled Eggs

and then anything else I found on sale that looked good.  And split between 5 people, it made for an excellent meal.

Now, tonight I just did a SMALL shopping trip.  I didn’t get a lot because I’m going on vacation very, very soon and I have salad stuff at the house.

So, just a look at what things cost from this small trip. And this was going with the least expensive options of each thing I selected…  A fair amount of store brand items…

1 dozen eggs – CI $3.79 – $4.58 US

AJAX dishwashing soap – medium size bottle – CI $2.93 – $3.54 US

Kitchen Trash Bags – 25 count – CI $4.09 – $4.95 US

Peanut Butter – standard size – CI $6.29 – $7.61 US

Natures Own loaf of wheat bread – CI $2.69 – $3.25

Pam cooking spray- standard size – CI $4.19 – $5.07

Hillshire Sliced Roast Beef  – 7 OZ – CI $6.49 – $7.85 USD

Cajun Turkey 8 OZ sliced (store markdown because it expires in two days) CI $6.59 – $7.97 US

Toilet Paper – Scott Brand (12 pack) – CI $10.29 – $12.45 US

Oh, and I forgot to bring my reusable bags, so it was $0.05 per bag

That was just tonights purchases.

Normally I get:

Lettuce (romaine) @ CI $2.99/bundle of two

Tomato @ CI $3.41/pound

Cucumber @ CI $1.98 each

Onion @ CI $0.78 each

Almond Milk @ CI $5.99

Rotisserie Chicken @ CI $7.99

I eat a lot of salad with chicken… And drink a lot of almond milk protein shakes.  I have to go shopping every few days.

Just a bit of a break down of some of the common costs.  OH!  One more thing…


The least expensive I’ve seen it recently (today) was CI $4.17/imperial gallon.

Thats US $5.04 per 1.2 gallons.

It’s a good thing the island isn’t that big…

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