December 2013, part two – Fire Expo

Dec. 07, 2013

Ah, the annual firehouse expo. This year it featured engine rides, trying out on the bunker gear, 5 alarm chili, and putting out a building fire. Okay, so the building and the fire were props, but it was still fun for those who gave it a whirl. I stood outside with the folks playing with the oversized water-hose and took a bunch of pictures of them. Surprisingly, I didn’t get sprayed until the very last person.

Or should I say thankfully.

Again, pictures to come.

Published by Victoria

After 29 years of living in hot and humid south east Georgia, I decided to embark on a new adventure that led me to Antarctica. After 27 months of working on the Ice (not consistently, I had a four month break in between) I returned home and back to my old 911 center. After a year of restlessness, I embarked on another new adventure. I now live, work and play in the Cayman Islands as a 911 dispatcher. Fast forward three years! I'm headed back down to the ice!

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