Random winter thoughts

I want to dye my hair blue. Not like Marge Simpson blue, but a light shimmery blue.

If you have never listened to Lindsey Stirling, I suggest you check out her music.

I’d love to have a mango.

I’m thinking about spending the summer season down here.

I’m not as good at Halo as I once thought I was.

I’d like to learn how to dance.

I am sure that I have the best family in the world.
I also know for a fact that my friends are the best, ever.

I’m hoping I get some glasses soon because I miss seeing clearly.

A lot of people think that the most awesome thing I’ve done is the whole going to Antarctica thing. It’s not. The most awesome thing I’ve done is becoming an Aunt. And I didn’t even have to do anything to achieve that.

I miss dispatching police officers. I miss a good training day, evening shift with multiple traffic units out. I don’t miss it enough to go back to doing that full time though.

I just had to get those out of my head. Yeah, I know that this is basically a “filler” post, but I’m trying to do better with my posting at least once a week.

I promise to post more interesting things next week.

Published by Victoria

After 29 years of living in hot and humid south east Georgia, I decided to embark on a new adventure that led me to Antarctica. After 27 months of working on the Ice (not consistently, I had a four month break in between) I returned home and back to my old 911 center. After a year of restlessness, I embarked on another new adventure. I now live, work and play in the Cayman Islands as a 911 dispatcher. Fast forward three years! I'm headed back down to the ice!

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