Another Dear Tori Q&A

Dear Tori,

If there was one thing you could change about Antarctica, what would it be?
Dear Will,
Nothing.  I’d love for y’all to be able to visit (without it costing an arm, leg, liver, spleen, brain, heart, lung), but that’s also part of what makes this place so special.  The remoteness.  The harshness.  The fact that it takes me away from everything that is “normal” in my everyday life. 
There may be days that I get irked with the lack of humidity and dust blowing everywhere, but then the snow comes. 
There may be days that I wish for plants and trees, but I appreciate being around those things so much more when I’m not here.  Not being around them all the time, you learn to pick up certain things about plants.  I now appreciate the varying colors in each individual leaf, even if they appear to be one solid shade of green.  I appreciate the smell of rich soil, the metallic smell of rain, the smell of Brunswick…  Granted you can smell Brunswick when you enter the county, but it’s “normal”.
It wouldn’t be Antarctica if there were shopping malls or restaurants.  It wouldn’t be Antarctica if there was traffic, cell phones, convenience stores, cats, dogs, sheep, cows…  It wouldn’t be Antarctica if everything was what I already know.  That’s why I love it.  I’m still learning, seeing, experiencing new things every month I’m down here. 
Stay warm!

Published by Victoria

Hello! I'm a so-so photographer, okay writer, former 911 telecommunicator and world's best Aunt. Closing in on 40, I find myself at a point in my life where I have no idea what I want to do next. I'm currently spending summer 2021 in Texas with my boyfriend, Robert and helping him start building a plane before he goes back to Antarctica in August.

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