Antarctic Fire Department

Hey y’all –

Hope everyone at home is doing well.  Things have been exciting over the past week.  On Wednesday and Thursday this week, the FD had a few fire drills and I was lucky to be able to go out and take pictures during the first one.

Personally, I don’t know how these guys do it.  It takes a lot to be a fire fighter in “the real world” and down here things are completely different.  Sure we don’t have a lot of hazards that are in other areas, but we do have our own special things to consider.  Number one, it is incredibly windy here so fires could spread quickly.  Number two, it is incredibly dry here, so putting out fires is a challenge.  Also, when it comes to victim recovery, they have to be careful that they don’t do anything to worsen the condition of the victim (i.e. leaving them exposed to the outside elements).  Overall, things here are a challenge.  But our guys are up to the task.

I’m thankful that we haven’t had any actual fires yet, but here are some pictures from the drill that we had on 09/28/11.

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