Cookie Wednesday and an update!

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Greetings! So Wednesdays in McMurdo are known as Cookie Wednesdays.  Why, you might be asking… It’s because Wednesdays the Galley lays out trays and trays of cookies.  Normally they’re warm melting delicious cookies (so I hear)… ok I’m lying.  I’ve had 3.  They’re amazing.  I will stay away from the bakery area today at lunch and will refuse any cookies should any of the fire fighters attempt to bring some to me.

…although I wouldn’t want to appear rude.

So – here is what has been going on since my last post.

The weekend – everyone in Antarctica works hard and plays harder.  Saturday night the second bar (Southern Exposure) opened and we hung out there for a while.  They haven’t been open since and I’m really hoping I can locate someone there soon because I’m missing a coat.  I still have big red, but my black ski coat that I bought before coming down here is missing.  I’m going to have to make “missing” posters.

So this week has been pretty good.  We’ve been working the radios more, but still no 911 calls.  A lot of what I do is telephone operator type duties.  I transfer a lot of phone calls, give out a lot of numbers, oh and monitor 7 different radios without the use of a CAD system and we don’t use headsets.  It’s a whole lot different from GB911.  Oh and still no 911 calls.  😦

Yesterday I saw a few Nacreous clouds.  HAPPY TORI INDEED!!!  Nacreous clouds are also called mother of pearl clouds.  They’re gorgeous.  Towards the end of Winfly, there are hopefully going to be scores of them.

Update from when I started this post about 5 hours ago, I managed to avoid the cookies.

But fun stuff occurred today!  We went to Crary Lab – Building 001 (If you’re looking on the webcam, it’s the big white/silver multi level building.  Basically, it’s what we’re all doing down here.  We support the lab.  Science is our bread and butter in Antarctica.  Being part of the fire department has its definite perks.  We were allowed to follow the fire fighters on their inspection of Crary and go see all kinds of cool stuff.  They have a small touch tank which is really nifty.  For those of you who know me, I am a fish and fish tank fanatic.   So we did a lot of “oohing” and “ahhing”.

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