Better late than never

I know it’s late but right now I’ve been CRAZY busy with work and still getting settled in. I’ll do better in than never.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today was my first full day at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  Started out today with a quick step outside to check out the weather (at 530am) and I ran into David from the power plant.  Since this is his third season on the Ice, I asked him when would be a good time to see the nacreous clouds.  He told me that they are best seen, this time of year, around 4pm.  He told me that they would best be seen in front of building 155 (my home, the galley, the art room, the EVERYTHING building) and he knew of some really good places to see them but before that, I would have to go to the outdoor awareness and safety talk.  That’s the plan for tomorrow evening, after I get off work and after dinner. 


After I spoke with him, I came back to my room and attempted to sleep a few more hours.  Brunch wasn’t until 10 and I didn’t have to go to the “dirt tour” until 12 so I thought I could sleep in.  My current roommates started stirring around 645 so I just ended up staying awake and talking to them.  I say they’re my current roommates because I expect to switch rooms on Monday, August 29, 2011.  For some strange reason, Renae and I were not put in the same room.  I like my current roommates but Renae and I are going to be doing shift work, working the same hours, so we’ll be able to relate to each others’ schedules pretty well.  The girls I have in my room now, one is a DA (Dining assistant) and she doesn’t know what schedule she’ll be on and the other is one of the housing staff who will be working the normal 7:30 to 5:30 schedule that most of the “town” keeps to. 


Brunch was pretty good.  The galley is set up buffet style with several different food bars to choose from.  Today’s breakfast had somewhat of a mexican theme along with the standard (well, what I presume is standard) Sunday omelet line and waffle line.


After breakfast was the “dirt tour” which is a quick walking tour around McMurdo.  We didn’t hit all of the areas but we were shown the main places we need to know.  He did show us where the Ob Hill (Observation Hill) trail is as well as the Hut Trail.  I’m looking forward to hiking those once I get my outdoor safety clearance awareness thing… Our tour guide, Mike, had icicles beginning to form on his mustache after about 5 minutes, and by the end of the tour, he had a few full blown icicles.  It was kind of crazy.  Of course, me being on the uphill slope of having the crud with a runny nose, was kind of entertaining too.  I won’t go into detail but so far, no snotsicle pictures have been taken of me.


After the tour, Renae and I had to report to work at the Firehouse to start learning the ropes.  Basically, this is going to be a lot of telephone operator type duties along with contacting “utility” departments.  It won’t be bad or too hectic.  Definitely no worse than a 2-10 shift on a training day at GB-911.  We were only at the station for a few hours, then we were released to do whatever we wished for the rest of the day.  I took a few more pictures and came back to the room to write.  A few of the firefighters were talking about going to Gallagher’s (One of the bars) tonight but I don’t think I’m going to join them.  Work starts at 7am tomorrow and I’m sure it is going to be a very busy day.

e future. I promise.

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