New Zealand, I love you but… – Postponement 3 & 4

Still Friday, August 26, 2011.

So Thursday August 25 and today we met our 3rd and 4th postponements.  I have come down with a case of the crud.  Hopefully this will pass quickly and I’ll be able to fly with no problems.  The crud is a general term for colds and such in Antarctica but I seem to have gotten it early.  Not only have I gotten it early, I seem to have passed it to Pam.  Thankfully, no one else that was sharing the water bottle on Wednesday’s expedition has gotten ill.  Personally I think it is due to the new room that Pam and I were placed in.  We were once in the luxury side of the hotel and now we’re in the ghetto.

Thursday consisted of doing as little as possible other than resting and staying hydrated, only venturing out for food and beverages.  Today, Friday, Pam and I went down to Sumner since she didn’t go on the first trip.  We had lunch at the same indian restaurant that I did on Tuesday with the other group.  The tide was high (but I’m holding on – oh sorry, ADD again) so we didn’t get to walk on Scarborough Beach, but we did manage to get up close to the cargo containers that are stacked two high along the road to prevent rockslides from reaching the main roadway.

So New Zealand, you have my heart and I love you so but… I’m ready to go to Antarctica!

Published by Victoria

After 29 years of living in hot and humid south east Georgia, I decided to embark on a new adventure that led me to Antarctica. After 27 months of working on the Ice (not consistently, I had a four month break in between) I returned home and back to my old 911 center. After a year of restlessness, I embarked on another new adventure. I now live, work and play in the Cayman Islands as a 911 dispatcher. Fast forward three years! I'm headed back down to the ice!

3 thoughts on “New Zealand, I love you but… – Postponement 3 & 4

  1. I hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than feeling horrible when a new adventure is in front of you. Hopefully the weather will clear up soon and you will be able to continue on to the ice. We miss you!

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